AN impressive selection of Oscar-winning and nominated movies is on offer at Ludlow Assembly Rooms this month.

The Artist (PG) Hollywood 1927 – and the new talkies are all the rage. George Valentin’s career as a silent movie star is fading just as he meets and falls for rising young actress Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo). As success overtakes her, will she keep a place in her heart for George?

This terrific (almost) silent movie was the toast of the Oscars, winning five, including Best Picture and Best Actor and won seven BAFTAs and the Golden Globe for best picture.

Special mention must be made of Uggie, who deserves Best Performance by a Dog in any movie.

Screened as part of the Borderlines Film Festival with the Monday screening sponsored by Hobson’s Brewery. Hobson’s beer will be available at the bar, and there will be free samples to taste. Monday and Tuesday, March 5 and 6 at 7.30pm; Wednesday, March 7, 11am and 7.30pm; Thursday, March 8, 2pm and 7.30pm; Monday and Tuesday, March 12 and 13, 7.30pm; Wednesday, March 14, 11am and 7.30pm.

The Descendants (15). Matt and Elizabeth King live in beautiful, sunsoaked Hawaii; he works, she looks after the kids. But when a boating accident leaves her in a coma, Matt finds himself in charge and having to reconnect with his two daughters – and as if that wasn’t bad e n o u g h , he discovers that E l i z abeth may have been playi n g away.

T h i s p e r - c e p - t ive and surp r i s i n g l y f u n n y tragicomedy from the director of Sideways won the Golden Globe for best picture (drama), and lead actor (George Clooney), and has 5 Oscar nominations including best picture, director and lead actor. Monday and Tuesday, March 19 and 20, 7.30pm.

Coriolanus (15) S h a k e s p e a r e ’ s tragedy about power and politics is reimagined in a modern war zone, with Ralph Fiennes (who also directs) playing Coriolanus as a Balkan warlord. After a string of military successes, his rise to power is halted by political machinations.

From exile he plots to march on Rome and take his revenge.

Coriolanus was nominated for the Golden Bear at Berlin, and both Vanessa Redgrave and Jessica Chastain have won a clutch of awards and nominations for their roles. Also featuring Ashraf Barhom (Incendies), Brian Cox, Gerard Butler and James Nesbitt. Wednesday and Thursday, March 21 and 22, 7.30pm.

Margin Call (15) When a risk analyst at a respected investment bank (that looks a lot like Lehmann Brothers) is fired, he hands over a file to new employee Peter Sullivan. Horrified by what it contains, Sullivan calls in his superiors, and as day turns into night, ever more senior managers become involved, bent on saving the company – at any cost.

A fantastic cast includes Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, Paul Bettany, Demi Moore and Zachary Quinto (Heroes).

The ensemble cast and first-time director have won several awards and nominations, and is Oscar nominated for best screenplay.

Monday and Tuesday, March 26 and 27, 7.30pm.

Carnage (15) After a playground fight, the parents of two schoolboys get together to have a sensible, adult discussion and call a truce.

But it’s obvious from the start that they can’t stand each other, and pretty soon their masks slip and the evening deteriorates into a drunken shambles. Roman Polanski’s gleeful study of bourgeois manners stars Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster (both nominated for Golden Globes), Christopher Walz and John C. Reilly. Wednesday, March 28, 11am and 7.30pm.

W.E. (15) Madonna’s lavish dramatisation of the celebrated romance between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson is juxtaposed with the story of a modern day character, an American woman obsessed with the Windsors.

The film won Golden Globes for best original song and film score, and stars Andrea Riseborough (superb as Wallis), Abbie Cornish and James d’Arcy.

To book, call the box office on 01584 878141 or go to ludlowassemblyrooms.